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What is my risk?


I had sex with a positive homosexual man.  We had protected anal sex where I was the bottom (with a condom).  It was my first time to btm.  I also sucked him, but without a condom.  I did feel precum in my mouth.
And there was another guy who couldn't get it up, so I sucked him for 20 minutes and he had precum too.  Both of them positive and highly promiscuous.
I did feel my tongue was a bit raw from the sucking and kissing and perhaps from drinking hot tea/coffee 8 hours earlier. 

We all had used meth intravenously. This was my second use ever (the first being 6months previously and had tested negative after that). I am worried about how my tongue felt.  I presume the description meth mouth is for someone who uses it regularly.

I was put on PEP 48 hours later, and it has been two days.  The PEP is terrible (ATRIPLA). I want to throw it away. 

What is my risk?

Jeff G:
You didn't have a risk for HIV in the situation you described . The anal sex was protected and the oral wasn't a risk .

ALTHOUGH YOU DO NOT NEED HIV TESTING AT THIS TIME for this incident , anyone who is sexually active should be having a full sexual health care check-up, including but not limited to hiv testing, at least once a year and more often if unprotected intercourse occurs.

If you aren't already having regular, routine check-ups, now is the time to start. As long as you make sure condoms are being used for intercourse, you can fully expect your routine hiv tests to return with negative results.

Don't forget to always get checked for all the other sexually transmitted infections as well, because they are MUCH easier to transmit than hiv. Some of the other STIs can be present with no obvious symptoms, so the only way to know for sure is to test.

Use condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse, correctly and consistently, and you will avoid hiv infection. It really is that simple! .

Thanks Jeff. Appreciate the answer.

Should I speak to another healthcare provider about throwing away the PEP?
It makes me nauseous.

Jeff G:
You didn't have a risk for HIV and PEP isn't usually prescribed for oral sex concerns . Its up to you and your healthcare providers to make the decision ... that being said I wouldn't put myself to a month of pep for a no risk sexual encounter .   

I've not heard of pep prescribed for oral sex before. It's absolutely unnecessary.


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