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After searching the internet I am looking for a concise risk assessment of my exposure.
I was on a business trip to Ethiopia a could of weeks ago and after a few drinks with colleagues I arranged for the concierge at the hotel to bring me a girl. She was 24 (more likely a little older) and spoke good English.
She was keen and we preformed unprotected oral sex on each other, which i believe to carry very low risk.
Then when I was on top of her, before putting on a condom we were rubbing against each other (she lubricated her parts with saliva) and my penis head just slipped in and then straight out again, maximum of 1-2 seconds. I then got up, we put on protection and finished the act.
2 weeks (day 13) since the incident I have developed hot flushes and reddening of the cheeks and a mild sore throat. This seems to come in cycles (i.e. hot flash for 10-15 minutes then normal for 30 or longer) along with feeling fatigued with slightly aching joints, could this be mild ARS?

Hope you can help and thanks in advance as there is a lot of conflicting advice out there.

Andy Velez:
Abroad, there is nothing HIV specific about any of your symptoms. That's not surprising because from what you have described your so-called risk was only technically a risk and an extremely low one at that if the dipping was as brief as you have reported.

HIV is significantly harder to pass from female to male than the other way around. And we're talking about a single and very brief insertion.

You can test at 6 weeks. Assuming the result is the negative that I expect, it all but guarantees your result will be conclusively negative at 3 months.

Testing is always a good idea to remove any doubts about your HIV status. In the future I suggest avoiding mixing excessive drinking with casual sex. It's a dangerous combination.

I expect you to come out of it ok this time.

Thank you for confirming what I already thought, it was as brief as I mentioned as I am always safe, just a small slip.
I will test at 6 weeks, thanks again.

Andy Velez:
OK. Good luck. Based on what you have reported I expect you will come out of this ok.

Few more questions, my hot flushes and sore throat have subsided within a couple of days and could of manifested due to the amount of travelling I was doing. However in the evenings I have been experiencing aching joints and muscles (particularly  in the shoulders) and today it has been lasting all day with chills, no fever though with mild abdo cramps.
 I have read (foolishly) that ARS can give no or mild symptoms similar to what I describe although most cases (80%+) present in a fever which I do not have. Is it likely I have just become run down and stressed?


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