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There may be a change in the works

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OK, as I mentioned in the earlier thread about my pretty good labs, my CPKs were elevated.

Well, I have been experiencing some issues, mainly general pain in my muscles. It is not rhabdomyolysis, like I was experiencing when on statins, but a general myalgia.

It wouldn't be too bad, were it not for the cramping of my muscles all over the old bod, including in my torso and sides, which are hard to stretch out when they cramp.

The doctor, bless him, decided I may need to switch my Isentress for a new med. Of course, the choices are rather slim at this point.

He was looking at either Complera or Stribild.

He actually gave me a script for Complera, but, I am hesitant. I have done a bit of research and found out you cannot take it with a proton pump inhibitor. I take one of those, the generic of Protonix, for GERD. This is the reason I switched from Reyataz a number of years ago.


Stribild sounds OK, from what I have read. It still states it is only for treatment naive people, which I'm not, but I know others are switching to it who aren't new to meds.

But, the main reason for switching is the elevated CPKs. But, both Complera and Stribild can cause elevated CPKs.

I did a bit more research and found that not only does Isentress also cause this in some people, so does Truvada.

Hmmm, the plot is thickening here.

I am not sure I am ready to switch from Isentress. It has been, aside from the CPKs, pretty benign and easy to take.

I think I will go talk to the doc next week and we can hash out what we might want to try, or, rather, what I might want to try.

I have managed to keep my kidneys in good shape by drinking lots of fluids, keeping them flushed. That is one of the issues that arises with elevated CPKs.

So, maybe I will just continue with the status quo.

I guess we'll see.



Mark, I can't even imagine getting cramps in my torso and sides.  That sounds absolutely awful!  I don't know how you do it, with working and trying to keep things under some control with all that cramping going on. 

I've been on Stribild for probably about 7 or 8 months, and I'm certainly not treatment naive, having been on something since around '90 or '91.  Those are your only options regarding switching meds?  If that's the case, I guess I would take the one with the least issues.  I don't know how you can weigh that out, but maybe your doctor can assist with that.

I'm thinking of you, Mark, and wishing you the best.


One thing after another a Mark , these cramps sound very differcult. My present statin regime off Ezetmibe 10 Mg and Atorvastatin 10 mg bedtime it took awhile to find the balance off dosage re leg aches but as my overall strength got better I notice the pains less , however as soon as I am poorly I find I am bothered by at its worse toxic bones.

I have cause to be very gratefull to the pharmacists at the hospital who have the role off checking out drug interactions. It seems impossible to now perscribe me a drug that does not red light a drug I am taking . As Betty notes its often the least worse choice then being very attentive when taking the drug.

Do you have access to such a system without a whopping cost? The pharmacists seem to really enjoy doing it to.

Anyway good luck with it all dear heart


Sorry to hear such distressing news. Wish I had some suggestion that would help. Hope you are able to figure out something that brings you relief.


Jeff G:
The body cramps in the torso are horrible . I also get them in my neck/throat sometime  and it will stay sore for days afterwards . The worst is in my chest and back , if it happens in the car its almost impossible to stretch it out and I have stop and get out of the car to walk if off .

Im wishing you the best and hope it gets sorted out . I wish I knew what caused those cramps so that I could do something about them . 


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