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Thanks Betty :)

I'm trying yo be true to myself or at least taking steps to work on me.  I've recently started school as a Pharmacy Tech and should be done in February.  We've been together for 12 years.  I'm just trying yo make sure I'll be able yo take care of the 4 children I have left at home before making any drastic changes...

Blessed, are you hooked up with an ASO?  Because the case workers there should be able to get you in touch with community assistance programs to help you with your kids.  There are many different ones and of course probably vary from community to community.  But I would definitely check it out. 

Betty, there are no ASO's in my area.  We live in the middle of nowhere b/c he works for government making ammunition and it requires isolation.  We talked last night and mutually decided to stick with it until I finish school.  His biggest concern was child support and not being able to keep our sons.  What could I say to that?  Anyway, after all this time 5 months is a drop in the bucket and at least that will be during the kids spring break at school so it won't be that much of an upset in their school schedules.

Is there an ASO that you can drive to?  Even if it's like an hour drive, they can really hook you up with resources in your community.  I understand needing to stay together while you're in school, but if you do decide to end the relationship, I would go to the nearest town to find the ASO, or public assistance office. 


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