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Condom Broke, Insertive Partner

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Thank you Ann for the encouragement.

jkinatl2, I thank you for your professionalism and insight.

I guess ultimately what has me on a very hard trip is the fact that I am in a weak emotional state right now and obviously the guilt; all of this is very new to me. All these intrusive thoughts pop into my head; and well, I don't want to waste my youth growing up, my life changing over some incident. I am trying my best to keep my mind off of ban mental trips or negative loops. Whether I was at great risk or not, it's not the end of the world. Having those thoughts is completely unnecessary.

I have already scheduled my tests for the 6 week margin and the 3 month margin. I also scheduled blood work for any other STD's with my doctor.

I won't lie, I am a little scared, but life goes on and things will be ok.

Whatever the results are at 6 weeks, I will be sure to come to terms with it and learn/advocate safe sex and encourage others to learn the facts about HIV transmission and prevention. I hope to one day serve the community like all of you guys do! Thank you once again!


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