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Question on condom with non water based lube

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Okay, this has put my mind to rest. Could not stop thinking about it the past few days especially after surfing on google search results.

I was just stressed about this incident because I always knew that we had to use water based lubricant. When this incident happened, I did a google search on what was practised that night and was a little confused with what I read, plus the "myth" about microscopic holes from non water based lube didnt help too.

Thanks again guys!


For future reference, it is far better to use spit (and plenty of it,reapplying when necessary) when you find yourself without water-based lube. It doesn't matter whose spit you use, as saliva is NOT infectious where hiv is concerned.

As I said previously, you were lucky this time. Next time you use oil-based lube you might not be so lucky. 

Make sure you have a look through the condom and lube links in my signature line so you can use them correctly and with confidence.



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