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Jeromy's big move!!!

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Hey...I made it!!

Trip was good, thank you to all who I called!! You really helped move through...I really appreciate it!!

Weather was good for driving and I am now at the office, and trying to lots to do...blech!

But I am here, and thank you all for your support and thoughts, they carried me across the country...literally!!

Love you all, I will chat more when I have more time!


Hey Mr. Smiley Face   ;D

Thanks for checking in and letting us know you got there safe and sound!


Hi Jeromy,

I don't know how I missed this saga, but damn, I sure am glad this worked out for you.  I know you will love NC, and the sights, sounds, and smells of the east coast cannot be duplicated here in the mountain west.  Have a wonderful time, and I already know you will fare well with the re-location, so just have a wonderful time and keep us posted on the new "life".

In Love and Support.

Jer, I was thinking about you this weekend.  I hope you're well and I miss you.


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