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Jeromy's big move!!!

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Well, I will be on the road to Charlotte, NC Wednesday, June 7th...I think I will be in Kansas City, MO by 2AM Thursday...then I drive from KC, MO to Nashville, TN on Thrusday...then to Charlotte on Friday!!

But if I leave really early Thursday morning, I will drive straight through to St. Louis, Mo...and will be to Charlotte on Saturday!


Long drive, but I will have my XM Satelite radio with me!

Love you all very never know who I may be calling just to stay awake!

The Canuck:
Have a safe and enjoyable ride to Charlotte, NC.  :)

I have been to Charlotte,NC once but it was 26 years ago and supposed it changed a lot since then.

Best Regards,

The Canuck


If you get lost and end up in Memphis we would love to treat you to some of the best.....scratch that...the best bbq on the planet. Pulled pork baby,and you can take that any way you like. Good luck on this next chapter of your life.

Hal :-*


 Wishing you the best.... Take care of yourself, and watch out for the other guy, while driving. I love Driving used to be able to make ut from Tampa to Buffalo in 26 hours !!! Of course, I was hullucinating, by the time I got there :) Still enjoy driving, but I have to break it up these days.

Be safe-----Ray

Good luck with the big should move to California instead.  ::)



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