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HI all!
As always I am seeking information and knew you all would be able to steer me in the right direction.
I will be relocating to San Antonio, Tx and am in the process of choosing a new treatment center or doctor. I have private insurance presently but am not sure if I will be allowed to be on my partners policy at his new position, so more than likely I will have to register for Medicare or a policy through the Affordable Health Care Act.
Is anyone from San Antonio or perhaps knows someone who is and would be able to help me get started on this process of finding a new doctor.
For the past 10 years I have been extremely fortunate to have a fantastic, make that unbelievably fantastic doctor and support staff. I am so sad that I will no longer be under his care as he is the best doctor I have seen during my 25 yrs of being poz. I know I will never find another compassionate and caring doctor and staff like this but life goes on and I have to start the search for help.
I currently am getting assistance through ADAP which fills the gaps in the insurance I am getting through a domestic partner plan. As I stated, I might not be eligible for his new employer's insurance plan.
What has me worried as well is since Texas is as red a state as can be, are there any public health care clinics that serve HIV/AIDS patients? Due to meds and being a LTS, it is hard for me to stay focused long enough to search on my own, so if anyone might be able to help me in any way I would be very grateful.
You know, when we first moved to Buffalo I had no problems with getting myself set up with this fantastic clinic, but 10 years has taken a toll on me and I find myself being unable to do what I was able to do a decade ago.
I think for the most part I am doing well but when it comes to having to use my brain, I become almost paralyzed and start addition to the always present frustration at being unable to focus and concentrate on things like this.
Just writing this simple request for assistance is taxing! As always thanks for your help guys!

There are members here from SA and I hope they chime in soon with their personal experiences and options for you.  I did a quick google search and came up with the FFACTS HIV clinic of the University Health System.  Here is the link to their center and the introduction from their website.  It sounds like they offer very comprehensive care.

The FFACTS Clinic is an outpatient HIV Clinic of University Health System, available to all individuals with HIV/AIDS. Established in 1990, the FFACTS Clinic is one of the oldest primary care AIDS programs in South Texas. It is funded in part by the Ryan White Treatment and Modernization Act. Our mission is to provide HIV-infected individuals in our area the finest medical care and holistic treatment.

In partnership with UT Medicine San Antonio, we offer complete primary and specialized medical care, medical case management services, psychiatry, mental health/substance abuse counseling, nutritional services and a full service specialty pharmacy. We are here to provide comprehensive healthcare and have the abilty to refer and consult with a variety of specialty clinics to better meet your needs. We also partner with outside agencies to assist you with needs such as transporation and housing.

Is Versace Part Deux on ?   If so they will be late

Thanks buginme, I did do some reading through their info and it sounds like a good place to start.
I have been  so run down lately that although this is an important subject I just keep putting it off until I feel more rested and alert but I have been waiting for that to happen for a couple of years
Thanks again for your timely has been of tremendous help to get my mind set on it.

FFACTS is hands down the best place in SA for treatment and related services. The majority of pozzies here use it, including myself. Whether you have private ins, Medicare or no insurance (I guess they use Ryan White) this is the place to go.

The HIV care is superb. They have a Lab and Pharmacy onsite as well (if you wish to use them). It's pretty much a one stop deal. They have counseling services, intake services, Nutrition services, assistance with State programs. Housing assistance and much more. (and cute male nurses)

Your first step would be to call (210) 358-3710 and set up an appt to talk to a counselor to determine your insurance situation. They will guide you through everything

I've been very pleased with them. The only thing I dislike is that the appointments always run late  :P

Welcome to San Antonio. Look me up sometime.


--- Quote from: Habersham on October 10, 2013, 09:32:41 PM ---Is Versace Part Deux on ?   If so they will be late

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