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So good and bad news for me as my results came back negative for HIV but positive for Chlamydia.

I had a chat with the doctor who was extremely helpful we discussed me taking the test again today as I got tested 5 weeks to the day from exposure but she said it would be pointless as if showing neg 5 week will also be 6 week she did mention in her career she had never so far (touch wood for me) seen someone who was negative at this stage from a blood test taken from the arm come back positive at the three months but could no guarantee this but it was reassuring to hear.

I was wondering if I could pick at all of your brains some more if possible, in your times monitoring the forum or in your personal life's have you seen or heard of anyone test negative at 6 weeks then later have a positive? (I will 100% be going to the 3 month test no matter what) and if you catch one STD during one sexual encounter does it make it more likely to also catch other STD's during the same encounter? Just a bit of curiousity I am a LOT more relaxed today even with some bad news and feeling more calm honestly I have been losing sleep since the initial risk.

I would like to thank all of you on this forum, from what I have seen you all do a fantastic job and from what I can gather the majority of you are HIV positive and I have the greatest respect for all of you listening to peoples (including mine) constant whining,questions and badgering whilst also putting up with some very ignorant comments about peoples "clean" status whilst dealing with HIV in your own life's. I am not in the USA so can not make a donation to this site (I believe please correct me if I am wrong) but when this is all over I will make a donation to the Terrence Higgins Trust a Brighton UK based HIV/AIDS charity with a thanks to the guys and girls on here.

Thank You

Jeff G:
I agree with your doctor that your negative HIV test results are not likely to change . I haven't seen a 6 week negative result go on to be positive in 3 months .

Many Stds are much more easily transmitted than HIV , so if they are present they are easily acquired but even then every incident doesn't automatically result in an infection .

The responsible answer to your std question is to reply that the only way to know your sexual health status is to test for all stds at the appropriate time .


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