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Not sure if at risk (very worried)

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Thank you for the time to read this I see you get constant messages so must be hard work.

I was on holiday in Thailand and whilst very drunk met a girl at a bar, she wasn't a sex worker but was a Thai local an I have heard there is a high HIV rate but I am very worried about the risk of HIV. We had unprotected vaginal and anal sex I was very drunk but do not remember any blood afterwards but it was in te shower so may have washed away. I did not ejaculate either.

I was wondering what the chances are of catching anything from a one of encounter with no blood seen and if there is any point me getting tested yet as it has only been one month and I am showing no symptoms (except sore throat but I smoke a lot so probably unrelated)

Any help or advice you could give would be much appreciate I am going out my mind with worry.


Joe K:
You did have a risk and you should test at 6 weeks after your last possible exposure and 3 months after that test to confirm your results.  Nobody can determine your risk from one exposure and only testing can give you a definitive answer.


Andy Velez:
Joe is spot on with what you need to do. If you get a negative at 6 weeks it augurs well for a conclusive negative result at 3 months.

There is also a big red flag in your story that you need to avoid for the future. Mixing excessive drinking with casual sex is dangerous and is something you need to stay aware about.

It is in your favor against transmission that HIV is harder to transmit from female to male than the other way around. But unprotected intercourse is definitely a risk. Hopefully you will scoot by safely this time. Good luck.


I had a test the other week (just over four weeks from exposure) the doctor said if comes back negative on results (tomorrow) I should be 99% fine it would be very unlikley not to show seeing as I have had no symptons (except sore throat but expected as was chain smoking non stop for three weeks) is this incorrect as both of you have said six weeks?????

Thanks for your help I have never been so worried this site is a great help, I would love to know how at risk I am but obviously each individual case is different just so annoyed that I initially used a condom then when broke stupidly asked if she had HIV and in my drunken state decided as she looked in good health and wasnt a sex worker and took so long to pull her she was clean.....SO ANNOYING

Thanks for your help

Jeff G:
The average time to seroconversion is 22 days. Most who are infected will test positive by 6 weeks. For various reasons a small number will take longer and that is why we follow the CDC recommendation to test at 3 months for a conclusive negative result.

It a very good sign that your test is negative but it must be confirmed at 3 months for a conclusive result . 


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