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Maybe Already Discussed Here, But...


Folks, as I've stated before, I've been living with HIV since 1998. I don't have all the answers so I turn to others who might be going through this besides me. I've maintained an undetectable viral load (<20 Not Detected) for 14 years now. However, my latest lab results showed a 399 point drop in my Cd4 AND a viral load report of <20 Detected! I've moved back with my older parents to help them out AND am experiencing some relationship issues that I know are all contributing to a heightened stress level. Does anyone know of any natural stress supplements I can pursue to decrease this and, hopefully, get my numbers back in line with where they have been for so long?? I appreciate any/all help with this!

There is Ashwagandha and Siberian Ginseng-both are adaptogenic herbs which may help reduce stress. May I also suggest taking the basic supplements such as D3, Omega 3-6-9, and especially a sub-lingual B-Complex. A good quality multivitamin wouldn't hurt, either-I use Nature's Way Alive Ultra Potency . Hope your numbers get better!! 

Thank You for your reply! I will check into what you've recommended!

No idea about suppliments but I am sorry this blip has come along at this time. What are your Doc,s saying about it?


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