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A friende (ex from 1995) in Pensacola getting no support from org he was dealing


I myself was just dx April 10,2013. I came back in contact wit an ex from 1995. Turns out he's been poz since 2003. He's originally from Brazil, but has been in this country close to 30 years. He has had the same job for 20 years. Chatting with him last night I discovered he gets no assistance with anything, meds counseling etc. he was apparently working with a Lutheran group who was helping him with a therapist. But they have since cut him off.

He was told that he didn't qualify for help via Ryan White funding because his insurance is too good. I have great insurance (IMO) and still qualify for help. I sent him a link to the Escambia county HIV program. From what I understand about RW it's mostly based on income and he is way below 400% of the poverty level.

Is any one out there familiar with Escambia county's HIV program or even affiliated with their program? He told me he has no support group there, not even his current partner. How he's been dealing with this on his own with just a therapist (which has now been cut off) I can't even imagine. The friends I've told of my own condition have been great support to me.

If anyone knows of other services in that area please let me know. He seems to think because he is in the final stages of acquiring his green card that he doesn't qualify for any assistance at all!

If I've posted this in the wrong forum I hope one of the moderators can shift it over for me, Thanks in advance!



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