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Good luck. Take a deep breath and go for it. You'll be stronger when it's over whatever the outcome.

Good luck Molten...

I know it's not an easy thing to do, but the outcome of doing so will be well worth it in the end.  I've always felt a sense of self-worth whenever I've disclosed.  I find that living a "lie" is not worth it, and only keeps me back from being who I am.

You'll be fine honey, and we are all here for you, no matter what happens.

You will be in our thoughts.

All the best,


Well, I did it. I waited until after dinner because that'll probably be the last worry-free meal they have for a little while. Plus, I didn't want to ruin their appetites.

My mom started crying and asked, "Please tell me your Tcells are good." I told her what my results were, what the 'low, mid, and high' ranges were, and explained that I'm right in the middle. They both asked a bunch of questions from where I think I got it, to how, to how is this going to affect insurance, to when my next appointment is, and when I'm starting meds. The whole discussion took about an hour and a half.

I told my parents that I was leaving it up to them when they wanted my brother (age 15) to know. They both decided that right now wasn't the best time. They did ask if I wanted to tell him, and I said, "Yes, something like this. All of us sitting around, and I be the one to tell him." They agreed to that when they felt it best.

They are all going to go get tested just as a precaution.

Overall, I feel A LOT better not having that on my shoulders now. It went rather well, considering.

Thank you all for the thoughts/prayers!


Congatulations Molten. Yeah, it's like a twenty ton truck magically disappears off your back.

I'm not sure why they're geting tested, but I think it'll actually be a really great experience for them to see what it's like to get tested. It's no fun even when you figure it's going to be neg. It may help them understand your new world better. It's hard for me to imagine my mom taking an hiv test.


I'm really glad that your experience turned out good for you (i'm really trying to stay away from the word 'positive' here, lol).  I'm wondering about the whole lot of them getting tested too, but if that's their way of coping I guess that what they have to do.

If you aren't "feeling the love" from there, so to speak, you know you can always come here to get support.  We've got your back  (i'm polishing up my brass knuckles even as i type).

I remember when i "came out" to my parents several years ago -- i remember having to tell myself, "Well if i get sick one day, at least i won't have to spring the gay thing on them at the same time."  I am proud of you for pushing those weights off your shoulders.  It's part of taking control and taking care of yourself.

I'm going to break the news to my family back in KY this summer too.  Won't be easy, but coming out of the closet wasn't easy either, yet i'm a better person because of it.

Take care (and job well done!)


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