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Bets of luck in disclosing to ur parents. I willingly disclosed to my parents...well, not willingly. I knew that I HAD to disclose, but I was just trying to find the "right" time. As u said, there is no "right" time to tell parents. One of my brothers knew cuz my sister, who has known since day one, decided to tell him. So far out of my family, every1 knows except my other brother. My sister, brother, parents, and my sister's bf know.
Like others have said, b prepared. Some faced the shocked faces of parents when u have disclosed to them, some just bury their face in the sand like mine. I wish u lots of luck and let us know how it went.

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Hehe, check the rest of my posts in this thread.  ;)

Hi Molten,

Filtered Water from now until death.  Cryptosporidium is found in most public water systems, and can be filtered out by using a simple faucet mount filter.  I reccommend using an undersink Reverse Osmosis filter if you can afford one.  I have not drank a glass of water out of the tap, in a restaurant, or anywhere but from a "pure" source since August of 1994.  Having experienced Crypto, and having it nearly kill me; I just will not take that chance anymore.  Normal levels of Crypto will not affect someone without HIV in the least, but we cannot be that free.

Wash all Fruit with antibacterial soap, BEFORE peeling and eating  Fecal bacteria is one of our most disgusting and hard to deal with germs in our food chain in the U.S.  It is everywhere, and to keep you from getting anything, a simple bath in Antibacterial soap in the sink before peeling, will definitely keep you well.  (try to peel and eat a banana without touching the fruit after peeling: see that is why ;D )

Bleach Greens  When preparing a salad, soak the greens and other fresh contents in one gallon of water with a tablespoon of laundry bleach in it and then rinse with filtered water, and spin or pat dry with a clean towel or spinner.  NO kidding, yes, I still do this every time. 

More protein  I would recommend that you reduce the total amount of fruit, and insert a healthier dose of protein.  Many of us have come to the conclusion, simply by observation of our own bodies; that the virus consumes a huge amount of protein to survive and multiply.  It is a viral protein, and as such, reduces the amount of useable protein in our bodies.  Consuming Animal Protein in large amounts has promoted to good health for many of us.  I highly recommend that you trash all past things you know/knew about nutrition and re-create one that is more HIV oriented.  Protein should be at the top of your list, accompanied by all the rest at fairly normal amounts.

Water  I recommend consumption of one gallon of filtered water a day.  This will ensure the good working of your internal organs, ie, liver, kidneys, heart, Biliary tree, and all the other things that promote good health and healing.  Remember, your body is now in fulltime battle with this evil bug, so anything you can do to promote good health will also help to extend your life.

Hope this very "short list" helps to get you started on a healthy pathway.

In Love and Support.

Hi Molten!
You are like a hero for me. I wouldnīt be able to tell my parents. Your parents must be wonderful people. I canīt tell mine. They would die.


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