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could the integrase inhibitor be the end to resistance(or a big leap forward)?


ok guys,
so i'm sure everybody has heard about the integrase inhibitor,mainly the MK-0518 which is set to be launched in 2007 if the amazing results keep racking in :)
now there has been a lot of talks about how the resistance virus would be non-viable and very replication defective...
is anybody out there following the mutation issue of the integrase inhibitor ??
i hope that we will be finally be able to control the resistance problem faced by many....
Cheers , Paul

This is about the integrase inhibitor licensed by Gilead.  I'm posting the link because the article contains a table which is not readable when cut and pasted.

ok let's get into more specifics my man mitchell,let's talk about the merck HIV integrase's been in clinical trial for almost a year and a half and no signs of resistance (or drug failure) were observed.
how do you explain that? if you google : RC of merck integrase inhibitor you will see its superior resistance profile, and how you need a specific sequence of at least 4 mutations to render this drug inefficient...knowing that the virus with those mutations will be extremely weak, and super sensitive to all the other drugs...

That would be great, Paul!  ;)

I have been really foggy this week...I am not understanding the study. Is it saying resistance happens easier with the GS-9137 or does the GS-9137 make is harder for resistance to happen?



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