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Folks, first of all, Thank You for reading this. I have a doctor's appointment in 3 weeks and just need to get a little reassurance from others right now! I've been living with HIV for over 15 years now. Originally diagnosed, in '98, with AIDS and have, after starting treatment, maintained an undetectable VL for 14 years!! However, about my last lab results. Instead of the VL saying <20 "Not Detected" it read <20 "Detected!"
This wouldn't bother me so much but my Cd4 count dropped 399 points on the same lab report. I'm sure it's just a "glitch" but the combination of those 2 things really knocked the wind out of my sails, so to speak.

My stress level, leading up to this lab, has been pretty high. I'm wondering if the stress level could've affected both test results? You'd think, after 15 years, I'd have all the answers but I think I'd just as soon hear someone else's take on the situation!

Thanks, again, for reading my "ramblings!"
 I Love Each & Every One of You! Keep the Faith!

You've been dealing with this longer than I, but I can say how I feel about stress.

I go through periods of very high anxiety.  I have it everyday, but there are times it is especially bad.  Each time I've had blood labs during these very high anxiety moments, my CD4 has dipped 100-200 points.  Last time, my vl shot up 25k and my killer CD8 was cut in half.   Oh, I'm not on meds btw. 

So, I definitely believe stress and anxiety can have an impact.  I trying to get my stress level down.  I had fairly good labs, but they have seen a drop the last 2 labs.  And, I was having much anxiety during both those labs. 

     Thanks for your reply. Like I originally stated, you'd think, after living with this as long as I have, that I'd have some of the answers down, wouldn't you? It's just kind of scared me after doing so well for so long!

Hope you're doing well and, if nothing else, I hope I've made a new friend!


I can always use more friends.  Keep in touch.  I hope you can get your stress levels down. 


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