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@onepart, wow twins! that's wonderful! we have other issues as well and since i live to worry, we've been to every DR on the planet in the past month. might as well take advantage of my insurance, right?
we've been to his and my psychiatrist, my ob/gyn twice (i had a birth control implant removed and i had a lengthy consult with her.), my daughter's (my bio, his adopted) neurologist, his ID Dr. and yesterday we went to my new ID Dr and nurse. and next month we are going to see a genetic councilor.   
They all seem to be very positive and are happy that we are doing so much preventative care. his last test results were that his viral load is undetectable (and has been for 3 years) and his tcell count is 875ish. all the drs said that was ideal and for me to stay up his ass about taking his meds.
anyhow, they did recommend that i take truvada while trying to conceive and while pregnant and nursing. they told me to consider taking it indefinitely if i really wanted to be as safe as possible just in case a condom breaks or something. and then they took about a gallon of blood out of me and told me they'll know if they are comfortable giving it to me after the results.
i'm tracking my ovulation and fertility as well and am doing to baby making on these days=)

do the pills make you sick? I'm happy and comfortable with the Drs we have chosen but i'm worried that the Drs and nurses at the hospital that'll be in the middle of the moment will be aholes and make us uncomfortable. I'm assuming you had a c section because of the twins but would they have recommended it anyway? i guess i'm asking how much different should i expect it to be than my first child.
i'm sure i sound really naive and ignorant. i'm a little embarrassed.

hi jpiper, i dont recall any side effects of taking the truvada. i just took them for like 5 days or something, maybe 8 but not more. it sounds much to take them through pregnancy and nursing when you dont have to? on the other hand you probably have your reasons and if this is not a problem for a baby...
i have never told anyone but my gyn back then about the circumstances of the start of the pregnancy to be honest. i took a first hiv test into the pregnancy with her. but after the negative results came in (later confirmed again) i didnt see the point to let the docs at the hospital in on it.
i did have a c-section but only because of the twins. you'll stay negative anyway with all these precautions, so at the time you'd give birth it just doesnt play a role anymore i'd say. saying that - if there arent any other complications, why should it be different than any other pregnancy? other than that many people say each pregnancy is different anyway.

I just wanted to say thank you to the ladies that brought up this subject. While I am not currently planning on having children in the near future, when I found out that my boyfriend had HIV that was one of my biggest concerns. I see myself spending the rest of my life with this man and I do one day want to have children. I really appreciate that you all shared your story, it is possible to conceive naturally, and that I am not crazy for wanting to be uber careful through the process. Thanks!

Welcome to the forums amd, as you have found this is a great place for information, support, humor, and at times a little contention -- like any other community I suppose. 

Best, JM


My wife is pregnant and is due to give birth early December this year. Conception was natural on the day of ovulation. All other times, I used a condom and will continue to do so. Preps are not available where I am and I don't even want my wife to be bothered with taking tabs.

I consulted with 3 different experts (P.hd) and all 3 said I can go ahead and have a baby the old natural way having been on meds and UD for 6 years. My wife and I agreed and planned it well. The 2 Ovulation test kids did not work. Nevertheless, her period cycle is 28 days and we planned conception on the 14th day. I abstained for 4 days prior to conception to ensure a good potend load ;D

My wife has done tests and she is fine!

But note that this is a forum where we share our experiences and offer advice. It is your choice to decide on how you want to conceive your baby.

Best wishes



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