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I've lingered around this site on and off for the last few months, but decided I might as well stop lingering and finally post as for once..I do have a question.

Are there any other magnetic couples here - male pos female neg - that have conceived?

I know there are a few options, after my boyfriend had initially said he couldn't have kids, then finding out this was why, I read more about IUI/IVF with sperm washing, quickly shut down his idea that it was impossible through the research I did.

More recently, I've found some information about it being possible to conceive naturally, so long as his VL is undetectable and it is recommended I go on PrEP and we only have unprotected sex when I would be fertile.  Yesterday I went to my doctor for some issues of my own and talk of future kids came up and what my plans were, when I brought up it definitely being something I want but that my significant other as pos, she also brought this up and said it has become an option many more couples are going with.

Obviously when the time comes, we will look into it more and talk to both his doctor and mine to discuss if it is a good option for us, but I really would like to hear from someone else who has actually gone this route if possible.

hi kntrymama,
we, a magnetic couple, naturally conceived this way, PrEP and some tests included beforehand. Everything went fine as predicted from the doctors! this is definately possible but there are some restrictions to "the rules" as you probably know. if you are interested you can also PM me. best, onepart

Im poz my gf is not I was infected for at least a few years before I had my 2 kids each 2 years apart. But I didnt know I was poz so we didnt do anything to stop transmission. Now that I know I am interested in how to have one more without giving her hiv. How much dose the extra stuff involved cost?

@onepart, would you mind answering questions i have as well? my husband and i have decided to have children (he is + and i am -) and i'd like to know what to expect, i guess. we have seen 4 different doctors this month and scheduled for 2 more!

hi jpiper!
i guess some things depend on where you are based. 6 different doctors sound a lot! what kind of doctors did you see? for us it went fairly easy. aside from my bf's doctor we had seen a fertility doctor who was specialized in dealing with sperm washing, and for some reason we thought we might need that. (in the end we didnt) but what we did there was checking the viral load in sperm as well as the motility of the sperm (how fast they move i think). also making sure no other std's were involved and/or checking if i would have trouble to get pregnant. my bf was on meds for about 9 months then and in the blood it was always undetectable. we had the viral load checked, which was fine / undetectable in the sperm as well, which was reassuring. this didnt apply to the motility of the sperm though, basically they've told us that chances are bad to get pregnant the natural way, problably caused by the meds. but since this whole thing felt kinda safe, i got a prescription of pre exposure prophylaxis / truvada anyway. they told us to come back after some months of trying without "results". so we gave it a try by me monitoring the ovulation with these tests you can buy, and then i took some truvada before, during and after ovulation days to be sure/feel safe. well, and i got pregnant with twins, the first time we tried..crazy. then i got some tests later into the pregnancy which all came back negative. so looking back this was really easy. but i was scared and stressed before i have to say. i didnt know how much and often we would have to go see these doctors etc. but as soon as i was pregnant, i think everything felt just normal (apart from getting 2 babies:) the memories on the worries vanished quickly.
best, onepart


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