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Government is going to close (looks like)

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I get so sick of all this mess, this happens about every 6 months it seems we go thru this.


Where's all those crocadile tears from Boehner, knowing that he is responsible for shutting the govt down, and causing hardships on the American people.

Or maybe, he hasn't had enough scotch yet, to get into his crying jag,...


I hope the voters punish the republicans next year.  Elections have consequences, and that is something they don't get.  The president got healthcare passed.  He was reelected.  The Supreme Court upheld the law.  Many government workers are living paycheck to paycheck, like most.  It appears soldiers will still continue to get paid, after some legislation?? 

We are in the process of refinancing our FHA home loan.  I have read this will effect new loans, but not sure about refinancing.  This will just be a tiny, tiny pain for us.  But, many will suffer.

And, the debt ceiling is coming up.  Will they once again cause us to lose more of our credit rating?  Rachel Maddow did a segment on this.  She played audio and showed letters Reagan wrote to republicans about how irresponsible it is to play with the economy and our credit, with going to the wire with not raising the debt ceiling.

Jon Stewart was good tonight, as usual.  Tonight's clips aren't up yet.  However, he played this clip from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  It sounds like the president is telling repubs this.

A year, unfortunately, is a long enough time for the guilty parties to spin themselves as heroes. And our uneducated, complacent, and ignorant voting population will believe them.

Sorry for the cynicism.


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