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Ideas for Volunteering in NYC?


Hey, everyone. I think some of you know that as penance for other offences I do a sort of unofficial outreach work to people who are in a similar situation as me but who are having trouble with things like doctors appointments, staying adherent, finding support in general. It's only a few people, but it can weigh kind of heavy, at least to me. I'm going to try  to step back a little bit from being so personally involved, and I'm looking for some HIV-related volunteer opportunities in NYC to fill the penance gap. I'm primarily looking for something direct-service related, but not youth. I know client-facing volunteer opportunities are pretty picky, but it won't hurt to look into it.

I tried joining a social activist sort of group here in the City, but that went miserably. Too much vitriol for me, and ironically, they didn't seem very poz-friendly, just anti-HIV, which isn't the same thing. That's kind of a deal breaker, lol. So, I'm thinking something not controversial would be best. :) Like meals on wheels or something. There are people who come by with food for people where I live, because I hear them in the hallways. But I think that sort of thing is outsourced to agencies nowadays.

I know your guess may be as good as mine, but you never know who knows what about which.



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