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--- Quote from: thunter34 on October 05, 2013, 11:00:32 AM ---Precisely.  One might note that I had the opportunity to post an entry in the memorial forum on the day that I posted this thread, but did not...out of respect for this particular relationship.  That was Matty's to post.  The flavor of that is much the same as was printed above here - and it would have been exactly as Bucko wanted.

And no offense to Live With It, but it's kind of irking me that this thread seems to be becoming more about him than it is about Brent.

--- End quote ---

Exactly. The Bucko I know would be mortified irritated by this thread.

Am terribly saddened to read this. 


I'm very sorry to learn of this news. I think I knew what this thread was going to be about before I even opened it. Brent was a kind and honest man. I don't know what his demons might have been, but I was honored to get early-morning PMs asking me to read his latest blog post.

Rest in peace, Bucko.

RIP Buckster. I always enjoyed your writings.

  Words cannot describe how sad this makes me feel.  Brent was one of the first to reach out to me when I came to the forums 8 years ago this month.  He was the first to fire off his phone number when I needed someone to talk to.  I still remember he worked at an art gallery on Las Olas.  It was funny because during our conversations he would have to pause to give people the price and background of a piece they were selling.

  His patience and words of wisdom helped me tremendously in a time that I had no one else.  It saddens me that a man who had so much good to give would die alone.

  I knew there were problems, his PM"s alluded to such.  The last PM I got from him was in 2011. 

   I'll call early next week if not on Sunday (tomorrow), Tom.

An actual face-to-face might actually work too. Much as you suspect, my life is a veritable bouquet of mixed blessings, but I'm not a survivor for 27 years now without some bumps in the road.

You know without my even saying so that you have my intense admiration and unconditional support; nothing creepy or untoward in this: only the truth written large (albeit in phosphorus).


   Regretfully, we never did catch up.  Him being missed is an understatement.


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