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Hiv dementia


I was told I haave HIV denmenta this week.
One. advantage I freak out my neighbour when he is beibg annoyibg by rubbing sebsstins tummy and singing
I love myteddy
and my teddy loves me
and he loves it wgen I rub him on his tum tum my.
Freaks him ouut

Growler, sorry about your latest diagnosis.  You seem to be taking it well.  Sending good thoughts to you. :-*

Growler this just sucks. I am sorry. Keep your chin up like you always do.

Sending good thoughts your way.


fucked but got laugh.

Sorry to hear that.  That is also know as HAND which someone posted another thread on here about it.  My doctor feels I am also suffer from mild HAND.  He seems to think that the longer I stay on med the better it will get...

What did you doctor have to say?


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