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i do not know wat to do....please help

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thank you Mr T and Theyer

It is really not nice being pregnant and poz and single....i have always been a good girl,i guess that was not enough,i could be getting married now....but i feel for my baby,poor thing is going to be without a father....i pray everyday that i get a call from the clinic that they made a mistake.... :'( :'( :'(
or atleast if the father can take me back.....going for a scan in 2 weeks to meet my pumkin for the first time  :D :D thank goodness for atripla i feel health everyday!

Sweetheart you are not being punished for being BAD. Life is randon and you have been very very unlucky.

Boyfriend well I am not his biggest fan at the moment, what does your Mother say about it ?

So if I understand correctly you are going for a scan and are about to see your child, and your ex is missing out having this fantastic experience.

In my opinion a Baby needs a good MOTHER , everything else is a bonus and your story has many more chapters so who is to say this new life will not have a Father, it might not be the biological one , it could be Evan better.

Remember to keep us posted


Hi just wondering how things are going for you.

hey M

thanx for caring,im doing good and as for the scan im booked for the 10th of heart is still aching over  whats happening to me.everyday its a battle,i miss my old self ever cheerful!life can so painful,i really dont know why the guy who gave me hiv did soo,what did i do to him?i never even cheated on him.....even now he denies he did!i cry alot,i dated him 4 a month,then he left how cruel is that? :'( :'( :'( now my baby is going to suffer!

very very depressed -A

Aprille, thank you for replying evan though you are clearly very sad at the moment.

So will you please start repeating to yourself , no wait we must set the scene right.

Find a mirror, Stand very up right and proud and say to your reflection.

I am Aprillie , I have only loved, I have not committed a crime , I will not feel Bad.
I and my baby deserve more than that.

This can be done at any time off the day anywhere after all you do not need a mirror. 

So head up , this set off feelings can be temporary , no one gets to find out they are HIV without a period off confusion and sadness but WE KNOW it does not have to stay that way .
Invite your old self back,
What do you think off all that ?


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