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i do not know wat to do....please help

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Jeff G:
Im wishing you a beautiful life with you daughter .

Congrats on the new baby. 



Congratulations on the birth of your little girl.You are blessed and I'm so glad that you are both okay.You are strong and so is that little baby!


Wow thank you all

My baby has been keeping me busy....I stare at her all day long....she's just too know being poz has taught me to be humble and forgiving.I look at life with a different that I'm a mommy I should those who choose to be negative and strive to finish my degree so that I get a better job and be able to provide for my Angel...I can't wait to date though..I need some love too...hahaha....but my pumpkin comes first!

Love -A

When you are ready to date there will be a Que dear girl, so make sure you are very picky, Great to read your Post very very warming , Best off the Best to you your Mum and off course Angel.


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