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i do not know wat to do....please help

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hi everyone ;D ;D ;D ;D

im 22yrs found out i was positive on 22 July 2013,i was terrified,i thought it was a lie..the whole week i couldnt work.i asked for sick leave at work...i thought my boyfriend gave it to me....the doctor advised i shouldnt tell him over the phone because he stays in another town.well the same weekend i visited him with the intention of disclosing and we didnt use a condom i was still in denial.i conceived,the coming week my Doc told me my cd 4 were goodness i thought i was dying thats when i told my mother,oh we cried together but she told me HIV  doesnt kill stress does and that i should be strong.i started Atripla in 2 weeks and im loving the vivid dreams,its the best pill ever and my new friend i take it at 8 every night ...i told my boyfriend that im pregnant and im HIV....he was scared,he tested the next day and he was negative...yah a boyfriend of 7 months...he promised to be with me through this....guess what after 3 weeks he start sayings things....i tested negative last 16 January he says he doesnt believe that and wants a break from the relationship,because of the drastic change in my cd4 from January to July.but how i wish we were 9 weeks still on Atripla because in Botswana is given to pregnant women but i doubt is safe anywhere i dnt have enough for private hospitals.

thanx for POZ  my hope grows stronger everyday

Im so sorry for everything that you are going through right now.Please have a read of the Positive womens forum on here.Im not a mum myself , but im sure many of the women there can give you good advice.

Good news that you are on Atripla and that you and your growing baby are being looked after.

Please dont feel alone  because people here care and will be sending you good wishes and offering advice((((((You are blessed re your mums support)))))))))))).

Please let her take care of you....


hi Britchick

wow thanx for the reply...
its not easy when you hiv+ and your boyfriend is he wants DNA test after the baby is born.i would really appreciate it if i can get more replies!and meet with good Councillors in my country....people still think hiv means death sentence ::).....its just a chronic disease that needs to be taken care for..

love Aprille in Botswana :) :) :) :) :)

Hi Aprillie and welcome to our forum , how is is it going for you I am sorry that you are having multiple problems and hope that the pregnancy is proceeding in a healthy way.
Your Mum sounds a very sensable women and I agree with her , so come back and tell us how things are going , all the best and wishing you the Best

Hey Aprille, Am sorry that you found out that you are positive but thank God you found this site, there are load of people who will be of encouragements here for you. Please try to stay strong, you have many good years ahead of you!


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