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Hi all!! I have been on Stribild for 5 weeks now. So far... No major side effects just a little headache here and there but that could be not enough water and I actually feel ten times better physically than I have in years. I'm sleeping well even.

I am newly diagnosed as of June This year. I've started with CD4 32, VL over 3.5million. I am still a couple weeks out from my first labs since starting the meds.

I was wanting to hear from you all of your experiences with Stribild and the changes in your counts and time frames.  :)

Stribild took my viral load from 76,000 to undetectable in one month. Very powerful boosted med. My CD4 rose from 60 to 230 in 5 months on Stribild. The anti-viral meds are not specifically stimulating CD4, they just suppress the virus and let the body do its thing. Expect your CD4 to rise slowly over the next months/years.

Unfortunately Stribild has side effects on me (insomnia and anorgasmia), so I switched to Complera one month ago. On the positive side, Stribild has stimulant properties - made me more social and talkative.

I've been on Stribild for about six months and the only possible side effect is insomnia.  I say possible because I'm also going through menopause, which is a contributor to that issue (insomnia).  I'm experiencing nothing else negative from the Stribild.  My numbers were alright prior to starting Stribild, my doctor switched me for convenience sake.

I have been on Stribild for about 3 months and my viral load did go from 156 thousand to 90, so I am pleased, and my cd4 is 34, The doc is thinking I should be undectablbe next blood test/

My only issue is that I tend to have mild nausea in the am- I am thinking that the peanut butter sandwich may not be enough to take with the pill, as you need to take it with food.
I also take a Klonopin .5 mg in the eve and thinking also that the Klonopin and 2 glasses of wine may be a contributing factor. The nausea is NOT intense, but I am titrating off the Klonopin and have stopped the wine to see if that may be the culprit. But will not stop the marijuana that I take at night. A guy needs some vices LOL .But maybe I should stop the pot as well.
Any thoughts/

whoops. cd4 count is 314--sorry


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