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Have you had your HRA yet this year?

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i do actually, pretty much every morning of my adult life. two scrambled eggs, mixed with one chopped up fried potato, ground sausage, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, ketchup on the side

perhaps these posts should be moved to the wumpette nutritional thread


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Sorry for the hijack bugs but I could not resist .

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That's ok. Actually they are not kidding when they call it "high resolution" anoscopy.  Your rose bud gets put up on the big screen in HD.  It's hard not to look, kind of like a bad accident.

Good News.  The results of my last HRA and anal PAP showed (NO AREAS OF DYSPLASIA!!!). 

I was beginning to get worried.  Every PAP and HRA has showed high grade dysplasia since my first one in 2010/2011.  I was beginning to think that it was going to progress since all of the treatments they have done never really "took."  Finally, the last one I had about 2 weeks ago came back clear!  I now get to wait a whole year before I have to go back.  YAY!

Some bad news though.  All the "treatments" I've had back there have done a number.  I've developed 2 fissures that are not healing.  I tried some nitroglycerine cream that I couldnt tolerate due to the headaches so I just got 2 Botox injections in my ass (of all places...I asked if they could do my eyes while we were at it....they said no).  I'm hoping this resolves it. 


My last pap showed high grade again, get the swab every bi-annual visit. He always does a FU with an HRA, involves some sort of dye, a biopsy & laser TX to zap the spot or spots. Good news is they have all the equipment & in the health center where I see him and he does it right there. Was supposed to have it in July, but my Doc postponed because I was going to be recovering from a knee replacement .   (one pain in the ass is enough ! )
Having my HRA this coming Friday.............What Fun  !!!
This is part of his protocol, I am very lucky to have such a good Doc  !!

Miss Philicia:
Can someone explain the logic of repeated PAP smears? My colo-rectal doctors seem to find this unnecessary and redundant when the patient is going to have an anoscopy anyway. Well, unless they're doing it when I am not looking but I do not think this is the case.


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