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Anyone Have Bipolar? I Think I Might

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Update: I had my first meeting with a therapist today and told him all of my concerns. He seemed pretty nice & listened to me well. At first I was a bit guarded, because I hate thinking I'm being "judged" but then I thought, what the hell, it's his job, he's a therapist, so I pretty much just opened up to him. He was quite nice & calming.

He took a lot of notes, he said based on what I told him, he thinks I am probably bipolar. I wasn't shocked to hear it, but it was somewhat reassuring to finally open up to someone & have them tell me something definative. He advised me to open up to my psychiatrist fully, & if for some reason it doesn't work out with him, that he will help me to find another psychiatrist. He was quite helpful. So yeah I survived my first therapist visit. I was quite nervous about it, but it went ok. He suggested probably I'll have to be on mood stabilizers, but I was pleased to hear him talk about natural things I can maybe do to help with my symptoms too, like deep breathing, etc etc. Overall went well. Now just have to bite the bullet & come totally clean to my psychiatrist!

Jeff G:
Im really happy to read this update Robby . This a huge step forward for you , let the healing begin !

That's great, Robby.  It's always hard taking the important first step.  Good for you!

Hi Robby,

Reading your initial and subsequent posts you reminded me.... of me! I have been going through psychiatric assessment and counseling for over 10 months now.

I have moments where I am intensely high, I get an idea in my head and need to tell people about it.... very high and don't really sleep... mostly though its depression and a feeling of worthlessness that overtakes me. It's interesting that with this disorder your mood can change rapidly. Literally from day to day or sometimes even over the course of a day.

I also thought people were talking about me on mobile phones and following me. So it sounds like there is a psychotic element to your disorder.

Initially I was diagnosed with bi-polar, then a mood disorder label was tacked on (schizoid-affective).

Like you, I also took drugs in the past, getting off them was a fight and I still feel urges today! My behaviour was also highly risky (sexually), a friend said to me recently she has never known anyone to live "so close to the edge". This really hit home, an external view can be really helpful. Can you talk to a close friend and ask for their viewpoint on your behaviour?

I am on Zyprexa now and it has really helped! I was resistant, but luckily I had a very patient psychiatrist who worked through that with me and I am so glad she did. It has been a real bonus for me.

As far as peoples judgements on here regarding previous/current drug use, I suggest that you pull your heads in.

You are in not in a position to make judgements. I bet if someone said.. "you fag you deserve AIDS" you would be very hurt and up in arms. This same principle applies here. Hypocritical behaviour demonstrates small mindedness... look up..... see the world...

All the best to you Robby. If meds are offered, take them and work through the initial side effects.... they fade with time!  ;)



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