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any good i.d. doctors in las vegas?


my doctor is moving out of state i liked him, he was a younger white guy maybe early 40s and was easy to talk to which is what im looking for again. he also seemed to know his stuff and got me on the right pills. i would like another american doctor without a accent on the younger side.

anybody know of any doctors like this in the vegas metro area? vegas, north lv, henderson, summerlin area?

I'm not in Vegas but a quick search showed that the University Medical Center has an HIV clinic.

I prefer clinics at larger hospitals / medical centers. I go to one where I live and the care is excellent.  I'm sure you can find a doctor there you like.

the 2 doctors i have dealt with in Las Vegas are Dr Shah

and Dr Cade

google them, read reviews, i personally use Dr. Shah


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