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Heads up! The countdown for enrollment is 5 days away!

So far from what has been reported is that the cost of the options are better than expected. I will wait to pass judgment until I see what kind of coverage is offered compared to my current plan.

For those of you who might find it beneficial you also have to look at the tax breaks involved to help defray the cost as well. :)

Starting 1/1/2014 insurance companies can no longer deny anyone for having a pre-existing condition. (whether you take part in the plan or get/keep new or existing insurance) Yay!

Also, the max out of pocket expense for these plans has an annual cap. :)

I know that Obamacare has issues and tweeks to still be addressed. If the balance of power shifts we might see it happen. We also might see it happen if the many lives of people taking advantage of it are overwhelmingly positive. Word spreads fast.

Guess we will see how it plays out across the country.

I was just reading this article about some aspects of it.


--- Quote from: tednlou2 on September 25, 2013, 05:17:12 PM ---I was just reading this article about some aspects of it.

--- End quote ---

Well that sounds a bit discouraging depending on where you live and who is providing medical care.

I plan on checking every aspect out. Costs and limitations.

I'm on ADAP and not even considering enrolling right away.  GA hasn't even figured out what they are going to do regarding ADAP and the ACA - hell...GA hasn't even agreed to get on board with the ACA in general.

Jeff G:
We need some kind of formula that regulates profitable corporation's preventing them from cutting workers hours to 30 hours or less simply to sidestep the insurance requirement .

The conservatives are using the insurance avoidance tactic corporations are implementing as proof that Obama Care is a job killer , its sick and convoluted .


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