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hello all, this is my first post i been looking at this site since i found out i got aids... i ended up in the e.r. in july 2013 after being sick for 6 weeks straight and going from 210lbs to 140lbs and being 6'2 tall... so i lost 70lbs in 6 weeks, i had diarrhea, couldn't hold any food down, no appetite, very bad thrush in my mouth, felt more sick than i ever have in my life! Dr. wasn't helping me so i went into the e.r. they kept me there for a week did all sorts of tests they say i have something in my lungs they can see on the cat scan which i haven't had my follow up cat scan yet hope its gone. and then finally got the diagnosis of hiv aids a couple weeks later. i was in the hospital for over a week but i feel better than i felt in years now. they told me i had 2 t cells cd4 count 2 and vl 220,000. that was july. aug it was 4 t cells and vl 500. now im undetectable and have 40 t cells... im in my late 20s have 2 kids both who arnt infected and a gf not infected... the dr says i probably had hiv for 5-10 years without knowing it... im on presista, norvir, truvada.. and some other stuff to prevent illness but they make me sick after i take them lol. anyways thats my story i actually feel great just scared to be around sick people ha.
has anyone else had very low t cells like me? if so where are you at now?

i would like to be up to 200 someday so i dont need to worry about getting brain infections and stuff like that..i wanted to post this because when i first got sick and found out what it was i was all over the internet looking for people with 2 tcells and only found 1 thing about a guy who had 3 and died right after...that didnt make me to happy about my 2 cells.. but im living proof that you can still feel happy and healthy with the right meds and no immune system ;D


--- Quote from: 2tcells on September 25, 2013, 03:05:45 PM ---has anyone else had very low t cells like me? if so where are you at now?

--- End quote ---

There are quite a few of us on here.  My lowest was 16 in December of 2007.

Now my CD-4 count (that's the term for "t cells" we normally use around here)  is mid-700's and life is good.

Hang in there and I'm sure you'll make a terrific recovery as well.

If the "other stuff" that makes you sick is Bactrim ask your doc for something else.  It can be hard on the stomach and there are other options.

Jeff G:
Welcome to the forums . Many of us had similar labs , cd4 counts at one time and have come back to enjoy good health again .

You are trending in the right direction with the undetectable viral load , that key . The cd4 counts take awhile longer but you will get there if you stay adherent to your meds .   

thanks im glad someone else has come so far with there cd4 count...the pills that make me sick areazithromycin 2 600mg and i take another pill sulfameth that dosnt bother me... i just got off fluzocozole which were gross to swallow because they start to dissolve as soon as you put them in your mouth

Jeff G:
Yep , fluzocozole is nasty . I have found that if dosing allows I try and take them at bedtime so I sleep through the side effects . I still do this to this day with a few meds Im on ... its odd how one pill can make me sick during the day but I tolerate the same pill at night with no problems .


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