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Risk of hiv transmission via precum in oral sex

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Thanks for your detailed post.

I find myself coming to similar conclusions whereas in the past I've considered oral sex to be a near-zero risk.

I've seen all the studies and I am aware that most people in this particular forum do consider the risk for oral sex to be virtually zero.

But over time I have met quite a few poz guys and I'm always curious to hear their story. And there were a few that are absolutely sure they must have contracted HIV via oral sex, for example because they always used a condom for anal sex without exception and didn't have any condom breaks at the time. I have absolutely no reason to believe that they would lie about it (They are not ashamed to admit to have anal sex etc.) So, I start to wonder how safe oral sex actually is.
I know, these first-hand reports are anecdotal and the scientist in me wants to dismiss them and trust the studies but well I don't know...

I guess in many cases it's impossible to tell afterwards if the transmission happened through oral or vaginal/anal sex (unless the person really always used a condom for vaginal/anal sex and even in that case how can you trust selfreporting?).

My feeling is that with a very high viral load it is possible to transmit HIV orally even when the receiving partner does not have open sores or a meth mouth.

As someone who is undetectable though I am not concerned about passing it on to someone I have oral sex with.

Thanks too. I agree with everything you've written in your post.

I'd like to repeat the request that I made in my last post. My message was too long and the request was lost in the middle of it...
Could someone please give me the references of the 3 serodiscordant couples' studies that are mentioned in the previous messages? I'm sorry if the references are already available somewhere else.

Here's a bare bones search of AM I (I really need to get working on those cheat sheets before my current computer goes belly up again)

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Studies which show the fallacy of relying on anecdotal evidence as opposed to carefully controlled study insofar as HIV transmission risk is concerned:

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