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Jeff G:
My sister in law Linda was killed this morning in a car accident . I loved her dearly and will miss her forever .

Its not been a good few months and I have been dealing with the loss of family and a few friends as well as my little girl dog Zita .

I want to ask that for each of you that read this to please call family , a friend or someone you care about and tell them you love them . If you could do this for me I will be forever grateful and rest a little easier knowing something good happened today .

My heart goes out to you Jeff. All of this loss in such a short period of time.  :'(

Jeff;  I am truly sorry for your loss, I hope the warm memories provide some comfort during this difficult time.  Your request to reach out to our loved ones is a good one, which I will do.


Miss Philicia:
I'm sorry you and your brother, and family, are going through this. Something like this is very shocking to the system that is for sure.

Jeff G:
Thanks Miss P and JM . It seems like a very bad dream .


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