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We were just notified that Dave our friend is near death. His feet are mottling so we will all be going to be with him. They are transferring him from the nursing home to Hospice House. We are so sad but we know he will finally be pain free. Thank you so much for this wonderful forum where we can vent. I hate this disease and I don't hate anything.

Jeff G:
You have my sympathies and condolences and will be in my thoughts .

Thoughts are with you and the family Martha at this sad time.

In sadness


Thanks , again for caring so much and being there for Dave.Prayers for you , Dave and family/friends.


Thank you all so much. Dave is still hanging on but he lost all of his ability to communicate now. What a total tragedy. If only when he got Thrush he would have gone to a doctor he might be OK but he didn't have insurance and he couldn't afford a doctor so he kept on working until he lost his eye sight on the road and couldn't make it home. He was an over the road truck driver. I pray no one on this forum or who reads this forum repeats Dave's fatal mistake.


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