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Really sad over my recent diagnosis

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hey sorry you are feeling the way u are. i understand and finding out is a shock, you worry about the future, ur health and many more things. i was there in january this year. it will take time, im still getting used to it but u will get there slowly but surely.

life will not be exactly the same again but try to look at it as a second change in ur life, its not a death sentence. i know u are probably reading this message and not wanting to hear what im saying because i didnt want to know or hear this too. ur entitled to feel bad but try not to feel low for to long.

when i found out i was 6 weeks away from getting married. i thought my husband who turned out to be negative thankfully would leave me but he did not. you will find someone but just worry about getting better and making sure u are ok first and the other things will come.

i am taking 3 different tablets once a day. in the beginning the tablets would upset me at the sight of them i would look at them in my hand shake my head and think its the only thing that will keep me alive. i have accepted what has happened me not that i dont get upset still over it but now i look at the tablets and i know that these tablets are going to make me better. and i have a second chance because of them. it is an illness like any other. some people get diagnosis with no survival hope. it is not a life sentence and it will get better. xxxxx


Wow thank you guys so much. I'm late replying back but I'm just now seeing these. You guys are amazing. Thank you sooo much. For these words. Its nice to know other people understand what you're going through. Thank you again

Step back and take a deep breath.  do some research.  Talk to some people that are HIV +   
You'll be fine.  Just make sure you take care of yourself.  Go see your dr.  Get a good dr.   Date, have fun, work, vacation, everything you used to do.  You're life has changed but you need be positive and happy and accept what has happened.  I have been with a poz boyfriend for 11 years now and you would really never ever know he was poz unless you were with him every evening when he took his meds.  We just got back from an amazing vacation, we bike, we travel, we do everything we would have done if he was not poz.  I have just recently become poz (not from him)  it's only been a few months for me but honestly I have not seen a difference.  I found out soon and went on meds right away.  My numbers are great and I feel great!!!  YOU will too!!!!


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