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Digestion issues that won't seem to go away

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I also use Pharmaca's ultimate probiotic that sfpvguy41 referenced in his post.  It is the best probiotic I have found.  They do require refrigeration.  If you have a pharmaca near you I would also recommend

Miss Philicia:
I've had digestive issues for over 15 years. I routinely must take both imodium (prescription loperamide) as well as a digestive enzyme, pancrelipase, which addresses a exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (if you google "HIV exocrine pancreatic insufficiency" you can read some studies).

When I take a probiotic I take Jarrow Forumulas Jarro-dophilus EPS which is easy to find on line or at a Vitamin Shoppe chain store. It doesn't need refrigeration.

Bottom line for me however is that long-term daily use of imodium/loperamide isn't going to hurt you.


Hey, Bug, I would love to hear more about your experience with the Pharmaca Ultimate Probiotic blend and how it helped you - do you keep taking it or does one course have an effect that lasts a while (technically, are the critters colonizing in us or do they not last?)

This is an area of great interest to me as it is a big problem for me and I think the root cause of most of my HIV-related gut issues. According to Case Adams, PhD in his book The Science of Achieving Digestive health:

"A body with low probiotic populations will wreak havoc with the immune system.  Deficiency dysbiosis ...leads to damaged intestinal mucosa. This can lead to irritable bowel syndrome, food sensitivities and intestinal permeability...this can lead to the entrance of toxins along with larger more complex food particles into the blood stream...which the immune system identifies as foreigners.  The body then launches an inflammatory immune response, leading to sensitization dysbiosis."  It then lists a whole host of things this reaction can cause including (of interest to me): hormonal imbalances and mood swings, diarrhea, reduced sex drive, food and chemical sensitivities, allergies, and various histamine-related inflammatory responses such as rashes and skin irritations."

My Doctor has told me that in his HIV practice he sees a lot of cases of overreactions to allergic stimuli, like mosquito bites and allergies.  But all he does is prescribe antihistamines (a joke for me). AS the USCF researchers just showed different microbiomes in HIV+ ART treated patients with undetectable viral loads, I think we're just a few steps away from being able to address these long term inflammatory problems by rebalancing the microbiome in our guts.

My question is will this take lots of probiotic supplementation, fecal transplants, or what?  I'm 52.  At the rate my gut is giving me problems, I don't want to wait 10 more years for research and find out what other damage long term inflammation will cause.  Everything I read says probiotics aren't dangerous unless you're immune suppressed, and there have been lots of studies showing their benefit in HIV-related diarrhea and improving T-cell counts, and there are ongoing clinical trials to this end now.

So how do we put the puzzle pieces together and come up with rational probiotic supplementation regimens to help get our guts back to semi-normal??  Thoughts?

Thank you all for the input.  There are definitely a few different products I want to try to see if they provide any help.


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