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ADAP Watch List Sept 2013


Yes, sadly, there are STILL people on the ADAP waiting lists!
One hundred and thirty-three people!

ADAPs with Waiting Lists as of Sept 17, 2013
133 individuals in 3 states

STATEAMOUNTCHANGEAlabama112-31Idaho00South Dakota21+1
ADAP Sept 17th Watch List

Glad to see it so low, but why are we still here.

Are there no penalties?

The new October report

ADAPs with Waiting Lists as of Oct 17, 2013
201 individuals in 3 states

STATEAMOUNTCHANGEAlabama186+74Idaho00South Dakota15-6

--- Quote from: Theyer on October 22, 2013, 09:41:55 AM ---Are there no penalties?

--- End quote ---
no. what happens is that a state simply chooses to not fund or under fund their state ADAP budget ... and the money only goes so far. There's no political penalty for not funding ADAP; but there is a physical and emotional penalty as HIV spreads and people get sick without meds or worry how their next pill will be paid for.

Miss Philicia:
And as a contrast for Theyer's information, Pennsylvania raised from 337% of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines (FPIG) to 500% to qualify for ADAP as of last January, and without any resource limit. An individual can have income up to $57,450.00 (one-person household) when applying for the benefit. That's actually higher than New York (435%) now, plus they have a liquid asset limit of $25,000.


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