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The pain

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Middle of the night before last I fell down a flight of 14 stairs & gave my head a good wack. So I bundled myself into a cab and got to my local A&E to get checked out.

The triage nurse, when talking to the ward manager described me as "an elderly gentleman". The bruising, sprains and grazing will heal, but that comment has scarred me for life.

Call my lawyer, call my counsellor.

Geez and ouch!
Are you OK?
Elderly is in the eye of the beholder.  :)

Miss Philicia:
Well, how old are you?

ps: feel better soon

In my early 50s, I guess that is about 196 in gay years.

50's is when the real fun begins! Takes that long to figure out what's really going on . . . and still with enough energy to "work it!"


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