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Positive diagnosis, positively negative reaction

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I tested positive earlier this year after a series of illnesses.  I knew what it was, but the staff at the emergency room neither believed me, nor tested me for HIV (even after I was admitted).  Very humiliating and frustrating.

I don't really have an elaborate story to tell (at the moment), but I suppose I just want to know how others felt upon diagnosis, as well as during the following few months.  I went out of my head with alcohol and prescription drugs for a while, and now I feel rather empty.  And no matter how much knowledge I arm myself with, I always have a feeling of impending illness, or death.

I'm 23, and I joined this site because I don't want to feel alone anymore.

Jeff G:
Hi Blues ... you are not alone and I want to welcome you to our community we have going here . You will find support and lots of laughter as well as information on living well with HIV .

I tested poz at about your age , its been over 30 years now , if I can do it you can too . It gets better I promise .

Thanks for the quick reply, for welcoming me to the community, and for your support.


welcome blues!
sorry you had to find us; but glad you did find us. ;)

depending on your cd4/viral load counts, and when you begin meds, you may never experience any "impending illness". It's not 1994 anymore and plenty of people have few issues with HIV and their meds.

similar to jeff, I've been poz for nearly 30 years. My days of "impending illness and death" are far behind me, back in the days when they only had a couple of meds. Nowadays I'm more worried about living to be in my 90s LOL

however I can't alleviate your worries about death. That comes to everyone eventually. LOL

--- Quote from: bluesafterthenews on September 18, 2013, 06:46:25 PM ---I knew what it was, but the staff at the emergency room neither believed me, nor tested me for HIV (even after I was admitted).

--- End quote ---
HIV is usually NOT something that is automatically tested for when people present at an ER. You actually have to ask to have an HIV test in most all states (except Alabama ;) I think) because it's an OPT-IN test. Sadly often hospital staff don't even suggest the test. Although this may not seem like good medicine, when you consider that less than 1% of Americans are HIV positive, the chance that someone is presenting at an ER with HIV is actually pretty slim.

Hey glad u found the site. I only tested Positive Jan 2013. I was in complete shock. VL 9090 CD4 238. I think i cried for days on end. I found out the day before my hen night... Over time it will get better. Some days are great others i dont want to get up but u have to. Try to take it easy, get enough sleep, eat well, take your meds. xxx


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