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A post-antibiotic world


I was unsure whether this belonged in the dry yet fertile quagmire that is Research and Development, I figured that since many of us with HIV are also single and figure we have acquired the worst bug out there, we should be reminded of the sensible notion around safer sex:

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Antibiotic resistant gonorrhea is already in the US. Chlamydia resistant chlamydia has already infiltrated our infrastructure.

There exist HUGE gaps in knowledge about emerging strains. Agriculture as well as well as healthcare have contributed to this, and continue to do so.

Things are moving forward, but far more slowly than these bugs are spreading:

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Not all of us are at risk. But those of us who have been sick, and might be sick or have partners, friends and family who might be sick certainly are:

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and science's ability to develop new antibiotics has dwindled as the years have gone by.

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I have always been a "one step ahead" kind of guy. But in this case I think it's prudent to know that the next step might very well be a year, two, or five in the making.

Proceed at your own peril, I suppose.

And I think it ought to be here because as a public service announcement, it certainly belongs in a forum not populated with conspiracy theries or breathless cure news. This is real. Having had a partner in hospital several times this last year, and having caught staph EVERY SINGLE TIME, it is pertinent to anyone who is, or knows, a vulnerable person.

Yet another thing sent to try us.~~~sigh.

Jan :-*


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