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scared about my numbers even though they're moving in the right direction

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I got my latest labs back, and I guess I should be happy about the fact that it's moving in the right direction, but it's starting to make me worried that I'm going to need to change from my treatment. I haven't talked to the doctor yet (got the info online) but viral suppression just seems so far away right now.  >:(

Day  /CD4 /      VL
0  /<20 / 286,000
18 / 64 / 1194
48 / 87 / 511

Hi there

I'm going to assume that day 48 is the last day you were tested and that you are now sitting at 87 CD4's with a VL of 511.

Your numbers are definitely heading in the right direction so I'm not sure why you are worried about changing your treatment, if the meds you are on are working why change? has your Doc said anything?.

I hope that you are taking an antibiotic with your CD4's being that low, if not then you should be, the last thing you need is PCP, the guys here normally take Bactrim, here in NZ we don't have Bactrim but I'm on a med called Trisul, an antibiotic I have to keep taking for a while yet even though my numbers have just gone over 200.

Take care

I also look at your impatience as a good sign.  It means you feel good enough to want to get back to living.

Hang in there, you're moving in the right direction!!!!

It took me five years to go from 12 cd4 to 230.

Patience :)

Thanks all...

I have some molluscum on my face, I'm going to the dermatologist tomorrow to get them treated, and my ankle is not doing great, but all in all I am feeling much better physically... no more night sweats, and I've gained 15 pounds since starting treatment (and i needed it!) I go to the gym and do some light exercise several times a week, nothing like what I used to do but enough to keep me sane. That's mostly all I do, other than work.

The other day this guy hit on me at the gym, which kind of shocked me... so I guess I don't look as hideous as I think I do.

I am on Bactrim and Azithromycin right now as well... whatever is necessary to keep the infections away!


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