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Its been awhile!


Hello everyone! I haven't posted in quite awhile, but I do read the forums every so often.

I went and had my yearly HIV test today. It had been 2 years since the last one. Don't know why I skipped last year but I did. My test was negative. Its been over 7 years since hubby tested HIV+. We are both doing great! His CD4s bounce from high 200 to mid 300. I think he was undetectable within 4 months of starting meds (and still is), which was right away as he had a CD4 around 85. He has NEVER missed a dose!

We are just busy living life and enjoying the greatest blessings we could ever have...2 grankids! We love them so much! Anyone with grandkids understands the joy they bring into your life!

I still think about Tim "Moffie" quite often. I hope he knew what a difference he made in my life. It was hard the first couple of years but it did get better like so many here told me it would.


P.S. Always use condoms with plenty of lube! We do!

Hi Teresa

Good to hear from you again, and good news that things are going well for you and hubby.

And I do know the joy of being a Grand parent, but being a Great Grand parent is even better (I now have two).

Moffie is never far from the hearts of those who knew and loved him, he was one in a million, he helped many newbies take control of their lives.

Don't be such a stranger, but I understand that there is more to your life than the forum, especially with the grandkids keeping you busy.. :D

Take care
Jan :-*


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