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Testing the Limits


I love this. Bringing it out of the shadows.

From Poz Magazine's Tumblr:

--- Quote ---In a controversial HIV awareness campaign, a group called Teen-Testers is approaching youths on the streets and at parks, offering them an oral HIV test on the spot, in front of all their friends. The results, too, are given publicly, often while cellphones record the process.
--- End quote ---

Of course, there are so many things that could go wrong, this is bound to result in a few unfortunate incidents.

interesting. neat idea. the concept in terms of awareness is to be commended. any reality check is good. whatever works.

Jeff G:
 A false positive and like OMG Becky is such a slut and we shouldn't hang out anymore .

Where Im happy people are testing , stigma being alive and well I wouldn't want to tell a teenager s/he has HIV on a sidewalk in front of their friends . 

Yay false negatives and screwing without condoms!

Teenage Testing/Barebacking parties!

And I am sure a sixteen year old kid in full hormonal surge would react rationally when s/he tests positive in front of his friends. In the middle of the street.

Will they have cameras rolling when that happens? Please?


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