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hey yo, good you like it here, and am Pamela from UK!

Thanks All

Dear J.R.E.

My doctor said my Cd4 raised from 20Tcell to 123Tcell but not Cd4%,in my country at present we can not count for viral load(we have no machine)and also for treatment we lack off doctor of HIV.

I just joined a group of PLHAs in my place two days ago and almost of friends there,very good and friendly,for this time i am not lonely any more.i would say that i am lucky to know this forum.I am trying to read and undrestanding the imformation of treatment from this forum to tell our friends in our group of PLHAs now.thank you all.


Hello Cd,

You had a very nice junp in your CD-4's. As far as the percentages, mine were at 3 percent back in August of 2003. The percentages were very sluggish on going up. They are now at 11%, as of 5/16/06, So, as you can see, it does take some time for some of us.

It's great that you have joined PLHAs. This will be good for you, to get to meet people , and share your thoughts, and ideas.!! It's great that you have found this site. Keep posting !!

Take care/ Stay healthy------Ray


Hey CD4.........Welcome to the forum.  I think you'll find plenty of information and
support here.  I'm with John...anything that goes up is great.  (No pun intended) :o
Good luck buddy.......I'm looking forward to reading your post. :-*


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