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Hello!everybody in our family forum,

I am on meds for almost one year,My CD4 when started meds just count 20TCell and today I count again it normal?

Hi CD,

I figure anything going "UP" in not just normal, it's GREAT!  Glad to see you, and here's wishing you're forced to change your name as your count goes up higher and higher   ;)

Take care,

Thank you very much! JohnOso, pleased to meet you in the forum,i just found this wonderful forum some hours ago.I would like to know all of you here ;D

Hi CD..
welcome to the forums. Glad to hear your numbers went up.

take care

Hello cd,
 Nice to meet you, i found this place a few months ago. I might be new to here but not to hiv/aids. i have been poz since 1988, and am doing very well, i have my ups and downs but am still going strong. This place has been my life line since i found it. I might not respond to a lot of threads but i am here every day and read a lot of peoples remarks and threads. I am glad your cd 4 has gone up, keep doing what your dr. says and keep a positive attitude and things will improve.



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