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Doing well on Atripla, but ready to swap out the Sustiva for....

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...Isentress?  As I mentioned in the title, my labs are excellent. I feel healthy. I play sports, travel a lot, and keep active. Sickness and health issues are just not a part of my life, thankfully, but I think that the Sustiva component in Atripla is contributing to some irregular sleep patterns for me.  My doctor continues to suggest Stribild, but being that I'm doing well on three drugs, switching to a four-drug regimen doesnt seem like the best solution.  It seems unnecessarily taxing on the body. So, just wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation, and has found a great alternative to Sustiva. btw, I'm aware that I'd have to take Isentress twice a day. Thanks.

I swapped out Atripla for Complera.  Was super easy and still one pill a day. 

I made the switch from Atripla to Stribild for the same sleep related reasons. All labs are normal no sign of the fourth drug causing any issues. I couldn't be happier with this change. I wish I had listened to my Dr. and made the switch sooner. Of course YMMV.

Best of luck for whichever direction you go.

Hi NY,

I was thrilled when I switched to truvada and isentress but I never had a sleep issue until the switch. need to take trazodone to sleep now. more people have sleep issues with atripla than isentress but it worked the opposite with me. not sure what advice to give you. the trade off was worth the change for cognitive issues for me but everyones side effects are so different.
it might work out well for you.
best wishes.


Thank you for the feedback. Have any of you noticed a difference in your lab results?  Higher/lower CD4 as a result?


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