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Spencer proposes to Dustin at Home Depot in SLC

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I watched this yesterday on FB and loved it, even made me a wee bit teary.

Jan :-*

Loved it!  I am impressed he was able to get right into the choreography on the beat of the music, without looking back to see where the others were in the routine.  I would think the nerves would have made me forget where everyone was in the choreography. 

I assume they love Home Depot.  Or, Homo Depot, as it is known.  We spend so much time there and Lowes, that I guess it would be an appropriate place for us.

I liked that one proposal, where the guy has their family and friends holding iPads with words on the screens, and they "pass" the IPad off to another family member or friend, who are located at various places.  I can't find the video.  Anyone know the name of it?  I searched gay proposals, but didn't see it.  However, Rep Aaron Schock kept coming up. 

Very sweet!

Here's another proposal. A bit more wild to say the least. Wonder how they described the dress code? Only wish they had a microphone to hear the proposal.

In my previous reply, I asked about another proposal video.  I just remembered I posted it here a while back.  Duh.  Still can't find it on YouTube though.  But, it's here.


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