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This will be embarrassing

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I agreed to go on a date tonight with a cute young guy who is WAY too young for me and WAY out of my league.  I have no idea what he sees in me.  (He knows I'm not rich enough to be a sugar daddy).

We had planned on dinner and a movie but he texted me this morning asking if we can go bowling instead of seeing the movie.

The problem:  I suck at bowling.  Even when I used to do it fairly regularly I wasn't any good.  And I haven't been for at least 8 years - maybe longer.

My poor date is going to end up giving a bowling LESSON.

Oh well..........

Hey try not to be embarrassed about the age difference. Embarrassment doesn't help any date, same age or not.
He sounds wise enough to know that bowling is better than a movie date, because its social.
Also dinner is not always a good idea if there is unequal resources, also being older, you might fee like you have to pay and he might be more of a 50-50 guy.
Sounds like he has a head on his shoulders, at least.
Just be a little embarrassed if you suck at bowling.  Otherwise, play the date by ear and have an open mind. If he's good company at the minimum it will be a pleasant evening, even if you discover theres no romance in the cards.

Andy Velez:
Darry, you are listening to your high school voice of death way to much as in you're not the right this or that, it's too big, it's too small, you're not enough and all that other tired old stuff. Dump it overboard.

Tell the guy you're looking forward to seeing him and may have to depend on him for a bowling tutorial since it's been a long time since you've done it. He's not blind. He knows you're older. Let him discover you as you are. Being yourself is what you will do best. Let him see what he sees and think what he thinks. That kind of freedom in a dating situation can help keep things moving.

So just enjoy yourself and let the chips fall where they may. And we are expecting a report.

Just keep going!



--- Quote from: Andy Velez on September 11, 2013, 11:57:01 AM ---Darry, you are listening to your high school voice of death way to much

--- End quote ---

Andy, you are EXACTLY right!!!  It almost feels like I'm in high school again.  It takes a lot to get back into dating after avoiding it for a while (I haven't really dated much since my brain surgery in 2010).  But it's definitely time to "get back on the horse".

I see nothing but opportunity here...Tell him you are horrible at bowling and will need some lessons, make it fun. Have him show you the correct way to hold the ball by having him stand behind you and make him reach around :) and on, and on..

Young guys can be alot of fun. Be yourself.



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