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taking your meds at a scheduled time

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Hi Teresa,

Me, I dose at 7:00am and 7:00pm and I try to time them around meals.  As Ray already mentined, a 3 hour window is not bad but it's not great.  AN hour window generally is fine but it does depend on the meds.  Your hubbie should ask his doctor next time he sees him or her what kind of window period he can have.  If anything, that grace period helps alleviate any stress to taking the meds to the exact time, hour and minute, especially if taking meds and the routine is still not second nature.  Once he gets a hand of it and dosing becomes routine; the window period is wonderful if for anything else that extra hour sleep in the morning when he is on holidays!!



Shawn Decker:
Hey Teresa,

I'm kind of like your hubby.  I'm on a once-before-bedtime regimen, and I take my pills within a two-to-three--hour range each night.  If I'm up a little later one night, I'll hold off until I'm about to go to sleep. 

For me, it's worked out just fine. 

Thanks guys..I feel so much better after your replies!


For what its worth, my morning combivir is usually between 730am and 845am and at night my sustiva and combivir is between 9pm and 11pm.  In the beginning I shot for 9pm on a regular basis, but because many times we eat late, I lean towards 1030pm or so.  I goto the doc today for the latest test results so we shall see how things are going.  I have been undetectable the last couple times and the doc does not see a problem with my whacked schedule.

I am however more concerned with what he says about anemia.  My last appt with him a few months back was when he said I was borderline anemic.  Until last week I was fine.  But Wednesday and Thursday I stayed home from work because of fatique.  I thought to myself "And so it begins."
I am not used to being fatiqued as I have often been compared to a hummingbird in that I keep going and going.  For the last month though, weekends and nights after work have been spent building a 24'x10' storage building and I think between that and the heat here in Phoenix have finally started to catch up to me.  I hope all goes well, but something tells me that I may not hear the best of news this afternoon.  But we shall see.

I asked my doc about this because I take all my meds in the morning with breakfast.  This ranges anywhere from 5am until 8am each day.  I never take them later than 8am and seldom take them before 5am.  So far, so good for me.  But, the items I am on reyetaz, norvir and truvada stay in the body for a while I guess.


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